A week to regroup

A week to regroup

Jan 7, 2014

After hitting it heavy and hard for the past 4 weeks I decided this week will be a lighter week. So that’s just what I did and I feel great. One thing I noticed from my video in the past few weeks and even at the last meet I did I was touching very low on my chest like if I was benching in a shirt. Ususally when I bench raw I tend to touch a big higher than my nipple line. Well good news using lighter weigh and higher reps my last 2 sets were touching perfect and I felt a huge difference in the quality and strength of the reps.

5×5 with 410lbs(75% of my 1RM)
Bamboo Bar with 24kg on each side 3×12
Incline with Bench Blokz 135×15, 225×10, 275×8 315×5 (paused all reps)
Pec Dec 3×25
100 total reps with blue band

Overall I feel great and ready to try my new program that Iron Authority Athlete and personal trainer Jack DiBenedetto of Brickhouse Fitness made up for me.

Thanks to my sponsors Titan Support Systems, Iron Authority and newest Primo Chalk. Also thanks to everybody at Cellis Fitness Center for the help, advice and encouragement.


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