Mar 17, 2013

Berserker Strength Radio
 (Berserker Fortitúdo Radio) also known as BSR is an entertainment/informative podcast that consists of topics to include but not limited to: powerlifting, bench pressing, strength sports, athletics, Jeff Snyder, comic books, movies, travel, food, gluttony, beer and other nerdy issues that plague athletes and socially awkward people alike. Noted for inane conversation and lowbrow jokes, BSR is recognized by the discussions between self important powerlifters Brady Stewart and side kick (and ginger) Josh Hunt.  At times unsuspecting athletes will be interviewed and thusly victimized by BSR’s total lack of regard for personal decency and tact.  BSR can be found in and around the greater St. Louis area, but mostly around hardcore gyms, comic book stores, and pizzerias.  BSR is common around Iron Authority readers and strength athletes.  BSR’s natural enemies are weakness, pickles, snakes, and athletic doping.    Be wary of BSR fans (aka Berserkers), for they are commonly unstable and unnaturally strong.  Also, never bring up Superman or disrespect James Howlett (aka Wolverine) around a BSR listener, the consequences will be severe.

After reading the encyclopedia version of what Berserker Strength Radio is, we will elaborate in a more conventional method.  Berserker Strength Radio is a platform for Brady Stewart and Josh Hunt to discuss drug free athletics namely powerlifting and strength sport with a whole lot of “zazz” (if you don’t know what zazz is Google it or watch Metalpocalypse!) and personality.  There are few programs that have as much fun as BSR when talking about training and a spectrum of complete nonsense.  BSR is about putting personality out on the internet while talking about serious athletics.  All too often the topic of programming training and sports comes off cardboard dry. That is why at BSR we discuss awesomeness like Star Wars, X-Force, WWE Superstars, Alligator wrestling, and a vast range of other exciting topics to keep our listeners on their toes.  Brady and Josh have a chemistry that has been bonded by spending way too much time training and hanging out together which can only be described as Beavis and Butthead-esque.  If you are interested in hearing oversized athletic nerds talk or have an interest in drug free strength sports you might as well tune in.  The only thing you have to lose is an hour of your life (and no you can’t sue for that hour back if it sucks, that’s your problem pal).

About the hosts:

Berserker Brady Stewart ScreamBrady Stewart: Brady loves ice cream and dogs.  He also is the founder and co-owner of Iron Authority, Inc. He is a member of the 2013 United States World Bench Press Team. Brady is also a world class strength coach, drug free and drug tested powerlifter, with multiple American, National, and International Records. He has coached multiple masters level lifters to national titles, qualifying them for International Powerlifting Federation World Championships. He takes short walks on the beach due to his large carriage not allowing him to walk for over 100 feet without sweating.  Brady is a powerful man that spends a great deal of time playing video games and dreaming about chicken wings.  He is fortunate to have a beautiful wife that is much smarter than him and allows him to waste his time with co-host Josh Hunt on this podcast.






Berserker Strength Radio Josh Hunt Josh Hunt: Has a voice that sounds like Charley Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and has a room dedicated to marvel comics in his house (which he calls the nerdatorium).  He has been powerlifting in the USAPL and NAPF/IPF since 2009, competing on the; state, national, and international level.  Josh has, what is considered by many, an unhealthy obsession with heavy metal music and the McRib (or McSnout as he calls it), and the ability to annoy almost anyone.  He is a proud ginger having a red beard and brown hair (an oddity even amongst the wily ginger species).  Josh is an Iron Authority sponsored lifter that writes for the website and misrepresents the company in almost every way.  Josh is the preverbal thorn in the side of Brady Stewart.






JEFF SNYDER BERSERKERJeff Snyder:  Is a Norse demigod in human flesh.  Doctor Emmett Brown invented the Flux Capacitor in order to transport himself from 1985 to the year of Jeff Snyder’s birth in order to study him.  The intent was to ascertain what makes a man completely awesome and strong as an ox.  These studies are ongoing and may have driven the doctor mad.  There is no way of quantify the amount of masculinity and sheer awe that Mr. Snyder emanates.   Look for the Jeff Snyder mixed drink in your local grocer in the near future.  They are thought to increase your benchpress and badassedness.








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