Arnold Classic Training Begins

Arnold Classic Training Begins

Dec 23, 2012

So, as you may know, I decided to take a month off from bench pressing.  My shoulders have been going through hell for a while.

That month is over.  Training has resumed.  Last week I pressed some very light weights with some discomfort, but nothing like it was before.

I have a solid plan to relieve the pain in the shoulders (bicep tendon insertion area).  It involves some tissue manipulation before training.  If any of you out there know of any ways to relieve this area, please let me know.  I am all ears and willing to listen to what your recommendations are.

Today, was my first day back in the shirt and I did surprisingly well considering.

Equipped Bench Press
575 x3 @7
625 x3 @8
575 x3 @7.5

Close Grip Bench
315 x8
315 x12

Lat Pulldowns
160/180/200/200 x12

Many sets and reps

Rotators and Shoulder Manipulations

I was happy with the shirt work.  It was what I had hoped and planned for.  Next week will be a little heavier, with an extra single at the end.  Beth and I are traveling to Macomb for Christmas, so I’ll be away from training until thursday.  Then the following week…its back to domination training.


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  1. Brady, please call me regarding this bicipital issue.

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