Active recovery vs Passive recovery

Active recovery vs Passive recovery

Mar 27, 2013

Until recently I fell into the latter category of the title. My recovery up until recently was doing nothing until the next day of training. I might do some light stretching if my back was tight but overall I would just suffer through the pain until my next training day. I figured this was the normal thing and part of the game. I was way wrong and wished I would have started being more active in my recovery.

Now my definition of active recovery may differs from yours. I view active recovery as the process of muscle release. During my active recovery I increase the overall mobility to push the lactic acid built up from the previous training day. I help to break up scar tissue in my muscle and bring more blood into my muscle to promote healing. Foam rollers, tennis balls, pvc tubes, barbells on racks, and medicine balls are all items I have added into my training program for active recovery. And I will be honest it hurts. Some areas really suck to break up that scar tissue and get the muscle release. But it works.

This is all sound and good but what effect does it have on your training? Since I have started incorporating active recovery into my training regiment I have noticed a huge difference in my performance while training. I feel stronger going into the gym. My muscle recover faster between sets. I feel like I am able to really attack the weight each rep, each set, each day. I feel better on my off days. Granted I am still sore at time but a quick roll and some increased mobility work followed by some cardio seem to work wonderfully for me. I have also heard great things about included epsom salt baths to furtherĀ promoteĀ  recovery.

I have also noticed a difference in my recover since I have started juicing, but that another story for another time.

Hit me up with any recovery questions and post what your recovery regiment looks like.

IA all day!


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