Adventure #1 – Berserker Strength Radio

Adventure #1 – Berserker Strength Radio

Jan 13, 2013

It’s finally here!  The first official Berserker Strength Podcast.

Click Below to play the show.  *Podcast may contain explicit material

Adventure #1 – Berserker Strength Radio – Jan 12, 2013

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“Don’t spit in the bear cage!” – Josh Hunt


In this FREE podcast, Brady Stewart and Josh Hunt discuss adding value to sports, attitudes of athletes, Wrastlin’ Alligators, Burt Reynolds, and there may be a conversation in there about lot lizards.

Berserker Strength Radio is about strength and having a good time.  We’ll cover the serious and not so serious side of strength sports.

Please keep in mind that this is the very first podcast we’ve ever recorded.  We go a little all over the place, but that’s the way we like it unscripted, real, and organic.  Please post your questions, ideas, anything in the comments section of this page.


Ryan Carrillo Chokes Jabroni

Ryan Carrillo Chokes Disrespect out of Jabroni








Berserker Strength Radio

Berserker Strength Radio













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  1. Berserker Strength Radio listeners…please leave comments, questions, concerns, whatever…tell us we suck if you want. Please give us feedback.

  2. Rick Fowler /

    I finally got around to checking this out. I just listened to the first 20 minutes before shutting it down for tonight. It’s very good! I will be putting these on the iPhone and taking them with me for the 3am ride to work. Nice job!


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