Adventure #3 – Berserker Strength Radio

Adventure #3 – Berserker Strength Radio

Jan 27, 2013

Welcome to the Third official Berserker Strength Radio Adventure!

Click Below to play the show.  *Podcast may contain explicit material

ADVENTURE #3 – Berserker Strength Radio – (Recorded Jan 18, 2013)

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“I think a Skunk Ape would p*wn the living ‘S’ out of ten chupacabras…” – Brady Stewart 


Berserker Strength Radio is about strength and having a good time.  We’ll cover the serious and not so serious side of strength sports.

Please make sure that you tell us what you like and don’t like about our shows.

In this FREE podcast, Brady Stewart and Josh Hunt atrociously discuss the following:

What is the definition of a Mexican Standoff?
Sasquatch Vs. Chupacabra (A Brady Favorite)
Hippies and Hipsters
Managing Stress, competition curveballs, residual training effects, and supercompensation
Was Mike Tuchscherer the strongest man in the Dakota’s?
Programming Training (we’ll cover this much better in later shows)
Josh’s singlet fashion show
Adventure 3’s ‘Would you eat it?’
Beer of the show
Milkshakes and Sweet Stuff
Brady’s ‘Get Brutal’ Topics


Please keep in mind that this is the third podcast we’ve ever recorded.  We go a little all over the place, but that’s the way we like it unscripted, relatively unedited, real, and organic.  Please post your questions, ideas, anything in the comments section of this page.

Berserker Strength Radio

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