Adventure #6 – Berserker Strength Radio

Adventure #6 – Berserker Strength Radio

Feb 24, 2013

Welcome to the Sixth official Berserker Strength Radio Adventure!  Hopefully we’ll be on iTunes soon.

Click Below to play the show.  *Podcast may contain explicit material

ADVENTURE #6 – Berserker Strength Radio – (Recorded Feb 17, 2013)

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“I would kick a pickle in the nuts.” – Brady Stewart


Berserker Strength Radio is about strength and having a good time.  We’ll cover the serious and not so serious side of strength sports.

Please make sure that you tell us what you like and don’t like about our shows.

In this FREE podcast, Brady Stewart and Josh Hunt atrociously discuss the following:

Comic Book Movies

Josh wants a He-Man Reboot

No format to this show

Discussing Sponsorships

Bench Shirts


Josh was a toy tester for Mattel…

Brady was a Beta Tester for a video game…

Beer of Show

Listener Question from Jack Dibenedetto

Attaining Sponsorships

RFJ…Jeff Lewis And Greg Chrun

Would you eat it? – Squid Ink Pasta

Josh has been to 27 countries and loves MacDonalds

Bench Press Shirts

Stickum Spray???

Stop chalking your butts!!!

Jeff Snyder

Chad Holmes is a rabid animal.


Please keep in mind that this is the sixth podcast we’ve ever recorded.  We go a little all over the place, but that’s the way we like it unscripted, relatively unedited, real, and organic.  Please post your questions, ideas, anything in the comments section of this page.

Berserker Strength Radio

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  1. Thanks for answering that Question you guys. HHH should play HE-Man or that dude that played Thor. keep up the good work you guys

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