Ahhhh bench is shaping up……

Ahhhh bench is shaping up……

Jul 26, 2015

Well I am posting 2 workouts here , July 16th and July 25th. Well the preceding bench workout was awful, that was the one I did back to back bench workouts but these workouts are more like the me I am expecting in the gym. The first workout was great, a great rebound the second I was off track with technique. I recovered by my 3rd set but my ass was way up but I’ll have that nailed down. I went from 585 for 2 to a 2 board (previous workout) to a rough single in the following workout which made me sick. I recovered greatly on the next set.

I also, in the second workout ,tried on a Super katana and had felt good in it. Granted it was my 9th set in when I put it on I still enjoyed the optimism it left me. I did only one set with it to a 3 board so next week I may do 2 sets BUT not over-train my upper body by adding sets because of it.

Anyways for my assistance I added some front press military and continued with behind the necks. For tris my rack presses are going great (the bar is about 5” above my chest start spot). I didn’t do back because my schedule was messed up because of squatting at Brown’s gym which I rearranged my schedule so I could train there.


Here is the video for the two weeks.


Bench July 16

335 3 reps raw

425 1 rep Large Ram

520 3 board shirt

550 2board

585 2 reps 2 board

July 21 arms/shoulders

preacher curl

115,135,155 5 reps


135,160 5 reps


275,340 3 reps narrow grip 5 inches off chest

390,430 3 reps  mid grip

460 3 reps comp grip

behind the neck

165,190,220 5,5,4 reps each

seated front press

205 3 reps

225 2 reps

close grip bench

275 5 reps

325 3 reps

350 3 reps

395 3 reps miss large ram

Bench July 25

335 3 reps raw

335 1 rep raw

380 1 reps   “

430 1 reps   “ with a large RAM

530 2 reps 3 board shirt

585 1 rep 2 board   “     ugly, hit high on boards

615 “                                      “- faster much better!!! Hit lower on boards ass up but nbd

560 “      1 board easy

560 “ 3 board changed shirts Super Katana

Till next time…

Focus First!

Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme ,and RockTape.


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