Amping Up

Amping Up

Jan 17, 2013

Today was a good training day fairly light and light spirited.  Saw one of the oldest members visit the club today.  Brad has been with us since 1968 I believe.  He looked good.  He’s about 260lbs and 6’2”.  Very stout and athletic for his age.  I hadn’t seen him in 4 years.  We BS’d for about 15 minutes before he had to leave.  He was upset because he’s in his sixties and doesn’t feel that he could bench 275lbs right now.  He’s not even a powerlifter/bencher.  I’m glad I got to see him.

Close Grip
365 x5 @7
405 x5 @7.5, about normal…will try 415 next week.

Wide Grip
365 x10 @8
365 x10 @8, felt better than the first set.  Really takes my shoulder a while to loosen up.  Overall a success.

240 x4x10

DB Military Press
72s x3x10-12

Shoulder Horn
10s x2x30

Shoulder Mobility Drills

Going to record another Berserker Strength Radio Adventure on Saturday.  We were fairly happy with the first episode.  It was our test to see if we could even do it.  So far all good feedback.  If you have listened or will listen, please let us know what you think.  Reply to any post in the comments or shoot us a line on Facebook or Twitter @ironauthority.


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