An RTS Overview

An RTS Overview

Feb 28, 2012

An RTS Overview
By: Mike Tuchscherer


Mike Tuchscherer is the owner of Reactive Training Systems, a company dedicated to individualized physical training.  The goal of RTS is to help you become a dominant force in your sport!  Learn more by visiting

Mike himself is an accomplished Powerlifter.  He has over 12 years of experience training and researching the best training methods in the world.  Mike has competed in raw and single ply competitions.  He recently won the Gold medal representing the USA at the 2009 World Games; becoming the first American male to ever win this distinction.  His best lifts in IPF competition are a 903 squat, a 644 bench press, an 826 deadlift, and a 2342 total in the 275 pound weight class.

Reactive Training Systems always strives to provide the most advanced and effective training system on the planet as well as the equipment you need to train and compete with unrivaled success.  For the most recent news on RTS developments, follow them on Facebook, or LockerBlogger.  If you would like to discuss this article, please visit the Reactive Training Systems Forum or Contact page.


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