An Update on Life, the Gym and Everything

An Update on Life, the Gym and Everything

Jun 16, 2016


IronAuthority has risen from the electronic ashes almost exactly one year after we all got a little busy.  But that doesn’t mean that all of your favorite authors have disappeared – we’ve all been continuing on with life and training…. and remembering our towels, as we hitchhike through life.

2XL Powerlifting LLC has been doing extremely well.  Since last June, and our upcoming 2-year anniversary in a few weeks, we have run a large number of meets, including this year’s APF Raw Nationals (and last years AAPF Raw Nationals).  We have also seen a continued dramatic increase in raw male and female lifters everywhere, especially in Illinois.  Where we used to see last minute numbers of 40-50 lifters at a meet, we are finding that we are cutting off entrants 4-6 weeks out because we have hit 150 to 250+, which can be intense even if the meet is a few days in length, and depending on the venue.

2016-02-20 11.22.36

When we ran the Autism fundraising bench press meet (APF/AAPF Pressing the Pieces Together) we had over 24 benchers and donations of over $8,000 – and this was from just about 6-7 weeks out!  I will do a write-up on this effort in the near future, as well as some reporting on some of the other events we participated in.  I will also note that one of the Autism Society people has made the step and will be competing at the ‘APF/AAPF Chicago Summer Bash’ at the end of July.

I now have four businesses that I am responsible for: MotorDoc LLC, where I make my living, and SUCCESS by DESIGN Publishing, where I do book and web publishing (the business home of IA); I am partners in a business called MotorSight Corp near Oakland, California and other great partners, Eric Stone and Joe Atef, with 2XL Powerlifting LLC.   I know it sounds like a lot of work – and it is!  But I have great people and great partners, so everything is going well, and growing well!  The challenge is that my day job has me back on the road over 40 weeks a year.

2016-02-19 20.34.09

This, of course, wreaks havoc with training and preparing for meets.  It also has a detrimental effect on health and I’ve been fighting to keep my weight from going up any further – I mean, I really don’t want to find out if they would create a class above SHW!  I suppose, its alright that I get to eat and drink in long weigh-in lines, but that’s besides the point.

One of the reasons that I got involved in IronAuthority in the first place was to write about gyms that I visit as I travel, forcing myself to at least show up.  That is the hard part.

I took a few weeks off, got together with IronAuthority founder Brady Stewart, and we hatched a few little plans.  The first part was to get the eMag back up and running.  The rest, well, that will be something exciting.

We are also going to have official – yes, I said ‘official’ – offices in September.  As it turns out, our little 2XL Powerlifting gym, which started with about a dozen of us, has been growing and on a typical training night our 3400 sq ft is a little too tight.  So, my partners and I have leased a 10,400 sq ft space next door and we are moving in at the end of summer.  As part of the move, 250 sq ft of office and storage will become MD/SBD/IA offices.12705602_10208918319779178_4650718311213526859_n

The gym and our scope has also expanded – we will now house additional strength sports and have been re-branding ourselves as 2XL Strength and Fitness.  We have a strongman area and other facilities planned, change rooms, lockers, and a lot more.  That and, of course, energy efficient lighting and AC/heating.  We will be expanding from our present 2 mono lifts, 2 benches, 2 deadlift platforms and accessory equipment and will be adding power racks, more accessory equipment (read – plate loaded equipment).  Yeah, there will be some cardio stuff – the bikes, treadmills and other stuff will be there along with 75 ft of turf, sleds, etc.

Plus, seeing as we have a very large number of qualified National and World Referees, we are referring to ourselves now as ‘the judgement zone.’  Yes, we watch our athletes’ form, depth, training cycles and seem to be doing a great job of low to no injuries and very little drama.  I believe we are still split about 50/50 male and female athletes as our team has surpassed about 50 participants.


It was fun and we suddenly realized that having a training friendly environment (although we aren’t really that PC) caused us to expand in membership to a point where sessions were getting longer.

Team Stone, our resident team of powerlifters, has some great stuff coming up from participating in Relentless to running a ‘Strong Kids’ program as part of the Healthy Lombard (Illinois) program on August 14.

I kept a lot of information available for when IronAuthority would come back online, as I believe the other authors have.  Stay tuned!  We have some fun and interesting information to help you lift heavy and healthy a long, long time.


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