Analyzing Weakness and Making Changes

Analyzing Weakness and Making Changes

May 7, 2013

It’s that time of year again. You just finish a big meet, take a nice week off, and now it’s time to get back to work. Before you jump into smashing weight, there is some important observations that need to be made. In order to maximize your gains and continue your path to obtaining greater amounts of strength, you need to reevaluate every aspect of your lifting. Reevaluate your approach, mindset, training methods, and form before you embark on a new training cycle and decide what can be done to help improve upon your previous experiences and maximize your strength gains.

One of the major things to take into consideration is the major weak point in each of your lifts. Don’t think on levels of generalization. If you are a lifter on any level of competition, focusing on specific weak points and improving upon them will help get the most out of your training. No matter what level of lifting you are at, there are going to be strong points and weak points in your lifting. Most of the time, these weakness can be found while observing film. View film of your lifting, and analyze it like the athlete you are, and look for parts of the lift that you are not happy with. Ask your coaches, superiors, and mentors to view the film as well and get their feed back on it. Make the basis of your training around these weakness, and improve upon them.

I am currently in the beginning phase of my training cycle, and my training is really focusing on my weaknesses. I was really struggling with keeping my chest up while coming out of the hole of a squat. Staying erect during the eccentric component of the squat is no problem, but the problem I was facing is staying upright after exploding out of the hole. Basically my core cannot keep up with the power of my lower body. After looking at film and noticing the problem with my form and seeking advice from my mentors, it was made obvious that my core is definitely too weak and is something that needs to be improved upon. I am making changes in my training to help fix this weakness. The ability to stay upright is a real limiting factor in my squat, and improving upon that weakness should be able to help propel my squat to new heights. My training has been comprised of all belt-less training to improve core strength, and taking the time to really train core specifically compared to my previous rather neglected measures taken upon core strength. Whatever your weakness is, take the time to identify and ratify them and become a better athlete.


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