Another Attempt at Benching Big

Another Attempt at Benching Big

Oct 15, 2012

Tonight was quite the test of strength.  I felt decent enough to try something a little bit bigger.

Last week, I was not too happy with the way things felt with 720, so I decided to untorque the sleeves a little bit and try to touch a little easier.  It didn’t really work out that way.  The warmups felt amazing…lots of pop, especially with the 635 and 685 warmups…taken both to about a 1 board height.  The heaviest set with 725, just kind of locked the shirt up about an inch from touching my chest.  The press felt a little out of groove, it climbed the ladder so to speak, hit the rack on my left side.  Didn’t really have any problems locking it out.  One of my spotters was a little out of it and just took the bar at lockout…didn’t let me hold onto it.  I don’t know what he was thinking.  We go over this each and every week.  I guess that I am just glad he played it safe.  My lockout work with the boards went alright.  Did 725 x3 to a 2 board.  This shirt is a really hard shirt to work with.  I’ve been using a smaller chest panel than I am used to and I can’t say that I like it all that much.  I think that I will be going back to a 52 or a 54.  The shirt I used tonight was around a 51, if there were such a size.  The problem with a really aggressive shirt is that there is ZERO room for error.  That bar has got to be placed perfectly or you just might be eating a bar full of iron…your dental surgeon will love you.  The collar had to be placed higher than I’d like it, so the pop only came with a very high bar path.  Not so good when benching high isn’t the best place to put the bar.  With a larger chest plate, I’ll be able to pull the shirt down some and work ina more natural groove.  So, here is how it went.

Equipped Bench Press (51 Chest plate, tight as hell arms, Super Katana)
585 x2 @7
635 x1 @8 …about 1.5 board height
685 x1 @8 …almost touched the 1 board
725 x1 @10 …locked up an inch from my chest, so I pushed it out kinda ugly.

2 Board Press
725 x3 @10

1 Board
685 x2 @9-9.5 …thought about another rep, but felt my left arm over extend so I cut it short

685 to chest …THIS SUCKED, but I touched.

LATS x4x10
FLYES 40s x3x12
Triceps Various x3x15

Various x3x30




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