Applying some training advice from Robert Frost…

Applying some training advice from Robert Frost…

Jun 17, 2015

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost


“The hour glass of aging can’t be stopped but we can slow it down.”  


I remember this quote from school (not mine) and try to refer to it when I question a decision to be made in my life. I can tell you one thing, my decisions seem to have been more wrong than right .Sometimes the more popular decision was the right one but not always. Just a heads up don’t let me be your compass for investing money.

So this article is geared more towards master lifters but if a younger lifter reads and digests this maybe he, down the road ,can make the best decision for him/herself. To be able to lift into your forties and further, competitive at whatever sport you are in should be looked at as a statement to the person’s desire and understanding of their body. Also we are lucky to keep that fire burning inside where most had to stop. In some way it is unfair they can’t share that feeling anymore. It is not their fault they are aging. Or is it?

Maybe it could be, while they grew up they trained wrong, or didn’t treat their body right . Maybe their diet was terrible or they abused it with steroids and disregarded early signs of danger by their ignorance. Not everyone falls into this statement BUT some do. In reality aging will defeat majority of us, even those who follow all the right guidelines, just when is the question. Or maybe it is more than diet. Maybe it is not what decisions they made but the ones they didn’t make…..

Could it just be…..

As we get older we become stubborn, arrogant, or comfortable in our ways. I am raising my hand to this. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” That is so apparent when people in the gym ask you for info but they do the nothing that you suggested in doing. The young athlete will absorb everything and ask tons of questions which will make us feel good. We will see them trying our advice, we see a return on our investment and not much feels better when you can help someone become better.

I find helping people (thirty and over) in the gym doesn’t have the same emotional gratifying return. Now seven out of ten of them will be wasting your time. The other three will actually try and hopefully benefit from your help. The seven will not be doing anything what you said but not because they are rude but because they are uncomfortable. People don’t like leaving their comfort zone. It doesn’t matter what we are referring to, it all applies the same. We go back to an ex ,even though you may have been done wrong, because you two have a background and know what each other likes. We are creatures of habit and that bit maybe because of comfort or because of feeling safe.

You are not going to see a lot of people try something that has a high risk or is not safe. Decisions that have a high/low risk almost certainly will have a low/safe decision made. With that thinking however the safe decision will mostly have a lower yield of profit. Some people are content with that.

Laziness and patience also comes to mind. In today’s society everyone wants a quick fix. I am a firm believer in working smarter not harder but sometimes working harder is what is necessary to get to the next level. With so many conveniences that surround us in our lives it is easy to see why some quit or don’t even attempt to try. They are not conditioned to deal with adversity or obstacles that slow down the journey to the destination. If that is the case, they should make small attainable goals where you have more positive achievements which can keep the momentum going.

Where did this article come from?

From here. When understanding the quote I realized this is another example or opportunity it is referring to. I have given up my “know how” on squatting and decided to try something completely different. Offseason squatting would be once every seven days while contest training is once every ten days. Being stuck for almost two years at 589 pounds is frustrating because I believe I am capable of more but I need to try something different. Give up all I know and try something so drastically different is scary but I did something similar three years ago by listening to Niko who broke my bench down, in one workout, and retrained my mechanics. Yes I remember fearing the workout where I left my “know how” at his door and trusted someone else. You have to really trust that person and yourself.

Which brings me to trusting a couple of guys who definitely know a thing or two about squatting. After nationals I decided I was done with my routine. Actually disgusted. I talked to them and they both suggested a mesocyle or something of the type. Now….

I’m now squatting a Smolov program but only going up to the max workout after the base routine. That gives me six weeks of something completely different to, hopefully, get me to 601 lbs. That’s only eleven pounds that is not too much to ask right? I figure anything different is better than doing the same thing. I don’t have time to do a whole cycle due to Master Worlds at the end of September and bench nats in August.


If you are going to go out on a limb and try something different attack it with confidence. Yes easier said than done but do it. You will probably have some setbacks or drop the weight on the bar but this is what separates champions from Planet fitness members, the mental strength and will power to forge ahead even on a path unchartered by you.

Don’t be afraid to try something different. I did once and it catapulted me. Now I am trying something different again with no guarantees. If you fall into the trap of thinking you are too old or it is too late then don’t be angry when people pass you by because they weren’t afraid or stubborn. Don’t be the old guy in the gym talking about what he use to do and has been stagnant for 20 years.That is pathetic and you are not pathetic!!! There is no guarantee change will work but you will feel at the end you tried and that was the best you can do. If you find yourself in the trap and someone is lending you a hand take it, how else you going to get out?

So thanks Robert, this quote has helped me tremendously in some ways and reminded me not to be close minded at things even those I think I know all about(for myself) and try something else.

Hopefully I get reacquainted with consistency for these articles but I have been busy with something I am excited about which hopefully I’ll be talking about soon.

Till next time…

Focus First.


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