April 10th last bench before Prague

April 10th last bench before Prague

Apr 12, 2013

Ok I have to admit this workout had a different feeling when I woke up then the other previous ones up to this point. I could feel the adrenaline was pumping mentally through out the day. Mentally I knew this was it . The building was done ,today was hopefully a premonition of my opener in Prague. I was feeling good physically and mentally but let’s see if that feeling was an accurate for what was to come……

As usual if you hate reading here is the quick version:


Warmups(this is exactly what I will be doing in Prague)

155  for 5 reps 2 sets

245 for 3 reps

335 for 2 reps

385 for 1 rep to a 2 board


485 for 2 reps 3board

525 for 1 rep 2 board

545 opener with commands. GOT IT!!!


Then went raw  bench

385 for 2 reps

410 for 2 reps


315 for 3

350 for 2



The rep felt light.Pause was deliberate. Lori knows there is no benefit to a quick pause so she made me hold it. On video it actually looks tougher then it felt. I wish it had better speed. When I racked it I knew I was ready. I thought it was perfect when I got up BUT when I watched the video I saw my ass rise. Am I worried? Not about my ass but other variables. I have done a World meet with a result of 3 for 3 with only 1 red light and that was after the squat. DO NOT MISTAKEN my confidence for cockiness. You can’t be cocky with uncertainities,they I do have.

Ahhh relief. No more heavy benches,squats or deads before Prague just rest!!!



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