April 1st Bench for Masters Worlds

April 1st Bench for Masters Worlds

Apr 5, 2013

………..I leave my ego at the door and not burnout because the previous workout was strong. Well guess what it snuck in and I paid for it!!

One phrase will sum it up best ” My ass was allergic to the bench” It refused to stay down. Reason? Body getting tired from training, not benching  but from training my squats and deads . I am training those 2 movements for Masters Nationals 2 weeks later. I have had a roll of great workout for ALL  body parts but today I believe my bench was subliminally telling me to ease up. I did 2 sets of singles one being a PR!!!(I don’t believe in sacrificing future workouts or the meet for a gym, but this is where ego got the best of me). I know entering this workout my next one will be only my opener then shirt done.So I look at this point of my training cycle  that I will have 20 days to the meet with only my opener in the way. Plenty of deload time. Whew!

If my typing is boring then just watch this:


Started with raw warm-ups every 2 sets widing my grip to eventual competition grip.( belief is warming up triceps more effectively  with narrow grip then by time get to comp grip tris are pumped.)

155  2 sets 5 narrowest grip within one inch of inner knurl

245   2 sets 3  3 inches from knurl

335    1 set  3   pinky almost  touching outer ring

405    1 set  1  raw comp grip 1 Board

Put on shirt

505 3 board for 2 reps

535 2 board for 1 rep

555 full rep 1 rep looked tough need to get focused

575 full rep 1 rep PR!!!! ugly……

425 3 reps with Large RAM

455 2 reps large RAM

475 2repsM large RAM   (2repsM means 2 reps but missed second)

295 incline 3 reps

335 incline 3 reps

total work sets 10.

Eye opener in a few ways.

  1. Can handle PR weight.
  2. Need to lighten work load
  3. Squats and deads have to be attentioned to for recovery  purposes.
  4. Take it for what the final heavy bench was ….good not great.

Next week opener,pause, ass down, tick tock, tick tock.





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  1. Good Luck man! I can’t wait to watch… Have you tried alternating heavy squat and dead? This might help.

  2. I am going to log my training cycle tomorrow. I am skipping deads till after Prague but I will train the lower back. That should help some.Thanks for the wishings!!!

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