Arlington-Fort Worth Texas Fun!

Arlington-Fort Worth Texas Fun!

Jan 22, 2013

One trip in January! With this one to Arlington, Texas, made the stop by the Metroflex Ft. Worth to train with ‘Old School Muscle’ deadlift specialist and WPC World Champion James ‘Trey’ Love.

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Had a great time in a well equipped gym that catered to powerlifters, bodybuilders, MMA and general strength conditioning. From the looks of things they were in the process of expanding to include another warehouse next door.

Owned and operated by Rend and Christine DeLaCruz, the number of enthusiasts on site was outstanding in addition to several pro bodybuilders many of the participants during the night’s events were experienced powerlifters. Definitely a welcoming atmosphere. My only complaint was the lack of heating/cooling system which, from what I understand, only is an issue a few times per year.

Location: Metroflex Fort Worth, 5501 Thelin St, Suite 125, Ft Worth, TX. Http://

Trey and I worked some warm-up squats, then light Zercher squats followed by deadlifts for speed. Of course, we finished up the evening stuffing ourselves at a mexican buffet with Trey’s fiancĂ© (found out they became engaged during WPC Worlds in Vegas!) Grace Stegner James. Also working with, through the evening, Marvin Mann and Brett Hill!

Training Video:

Overall, great place to visit and good team to work with! Finished the experience up with homemade omelets Tuesday morning!


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