Arnold Classic 4 Weeks Out

Arnold Classic 4 Weeks Out

Feb 7, 2012

Today, went alright.  Got some new Super Katana custom shirts from Titan Support Systems. So, with only 3 really important training session left, I decided to break one in.

I practically doubled my warmup sets and did twice the work as normal.

405 x2 x5
495 x2 x5
550 x2
550 x3
600 x1
640 x1
660 x1
680 x1

3 Board Press
720 x1, fairly easy

2 Board Press
665 x2

1 Board Press
635 x3

Chest / Pause
635 x1

Reverse Grip Pulldowns
180 x4x15

Tomorrow’s training, more bench pressing…oh yeah, and my triceps feel like they are on fire!



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