Arnold Classic 5 weeks out!

Arnold Classic 5 weeks out!

Feb 4, 2012

Those of you who don’t know me or even care to know me, I am a professional bench presser and am on the roster to compete at the 2012 Arnold Classic.  I compete in the IPF, am drug tested to the WADA (olympic) standard.  I have serious plans to be the lightest man in the country to bench press 700lbs at a bodyweight around 250.

Jan 30, 2012

Equipped Bench Press

650 x1 @9
660 x1 @9.5
670 x1 @10

3 Board Press
700 x3 @10

2 Board Press
650 x3 @10

I did some reverse grip lat pulldowns to alleviate some pain showing up in the forearm/elbow.  Currently getting that worked on by an Active Release Therapist.

To some of the trained eyes seeing today’s training…yes I do mock/practice meets just about every week, once per week when I am getting dialed in this close to a contest.  They aren’t quite 100%, but pretty dang close on that last set.  I could have eeked out some more LBS, but I’ll save that for next week.  Next post will show my weekly training template.


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