Arnold Classic Bench Pro Training

Arnold Classic Bench Pro Training

Jan 22, 2013

Monday Pressing!  #Train2Dominate

Training for the World Bench Press Record never felt so good!

Equipped Bench Press
670 x1
700 x1

2 Board
700 x3

1 Board
670 x3

Full Range
670 x1

Lat Pulldowns
240 x5x10

Tricep Pushdowns
80 x3x15

40s x2x12

Shoulder Horn
10s x2x30

Training tonight went extremely well.  The 700lb single was the strongest set of the night by far.  Next week, I am going to have to attempt a little more.  I seem to be better with heavier weights.  Probably because lighter weights are harder to control in equipment.  The big victory of the training day had nothing to do with the weight that I lifted, but that I lifted PAIN FREE!  I feel that the way i’ve been training has been spot on, so I will continue with my current plan of attack.

I actually like Planet Fitness Gyms.  They keep all of the sensitives out of serious clubs and gyms all over the country.  If you are a serious strength athlete, you should be glad such a place exists for them as well. 



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