Arnold Training…5 weeks out

Arnold Training…5 weeks out

Jan 27, 2013

So my last 2 weeks of deadlift training had me kind of nervous going into this week. I still had not been able to hit a confident 700 in training, and my suit was a little bit tighter than I remember. I had some thoughts of doubt coming into my mind about whether I was ready for this competition or not. 2 weeks ago I could barely hit 7, and last week 675 was a grinder. Even though these were both straps down, they still should have gone according to my training. These last 2 weeks taught me 2 important lessons. The first, you have to stay positive in life and in training. You’re not going to be at your best every week, and you have to accept that, and be able to adapt your training to how feel that day. The second, you’re never too good, or too experienced to take advice. Last week I trained with my friend Cardyl Trionfante, who is doctoral student in exercise physiology at LSU. He suggested that I started taking my breath at the top, instead of in the hole. This helped me out a lot, and I felt like the lift was smoother from start to finish. I tried this technique again last Friday, and I was able to smoke 745, about 10 lbs less than my gym PR. Finished the day with some Romanian deadlifts, shrugs, and some abs. Friday really helped my confidence, and now I’m counting down the days till the Arnold!
Link to my 745:

Deadlift Tip: To make your sumo stronger, train your conventional


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  1. You smoked that Ian! Can’t wait to see you pull even bigger this year.

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