Arnold Training cycle 1, week 2 and 3

Arnold Training cycle 1, week 2 and 3

Nov 21, 2013

So I had the the drive and motivation on the beginning of week 2 but my nutrition was off really bad and it showed in my lifts. No excuses. All my fault.


  1. 525X2
  2. 555X2@10 BOOOOO!!! YOU SUCK! I hate crappy days. I shouldn’t let it bother me but it does and everyone around me knows it. I am pissed for the next week or until I can destroy a weight with absolute dominance.After this I did some assistance work but at this point I was mentally fried and I was just going through the motions, which I should never do and I normally don’t. I should always attack everything. Even if the lift before isn’t what I wanted.


  1. 365X2
  2. 385X2
  3. 405X2 I was OK with this. Don’t get me wrong this is a PR but not how I wanted it to feel. After Saturday’s squats I wanted to kill something but it was a grind. Again did my normal assistance work and tried to take a shower without screaming because my pecs and tris would cramp up. Good times.


  1. 455×1
  2. 495 Couldn’t even get it off the ground. I SUCK! I looked back in my notes to see what the hell was wrong or if it was just one of those days. Isaw that I did a lot more work than normal and after the crap week it just trickled down into my DL. At least I know where I went wrong. Still very annoying.


Much better this week. I ate like a maniac and was still pissed off from last week.


  1. 525X3
  2. 555X3
  3. 585X3 HELL YEAH!!!!!! 15LBS PR!!!!!!!!!!  I FEEL LIKE I ATE A BABY GORILLA!  Enter lots of bad language here __________!

Here’s the video:


  1. 350×3
  2. 380×3
  3. 395×3 PR BOooYYYYYY!!


  1.  295+quad mini 6X1 With 1 min rest
  2. 365 no bandsx1
  3. 405×1 no bands *** P.S I STILL HATE YOU DEADLIFT!!


Worked up to 275×3. Very big PR.

Jack DiBenedetto CPT-CSCS

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