Arnold Training Cycle 1 WK 1

Arnold Training Cycle 1 WK 1

Nov 6, 2013

Jack checks the lightsOk so it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. I have been busy trying to get more clients, fixing my training, looking for places to do my shirts for the best price ( going to have them within 2 weeks). Overall training leading up to this first week has  been horrible for squat and DL. I couldn’t move weights I would normally be able to destroy but on the other hand my bench has been going through the roof. 430×1     

So because I didn’t want to go into a training cycle beat up mentally and physically I decided to do a deload week. Only went up to 495 on squat for 1 ( felt like a Max) then did some abs. Bench I worked up to 400 for an easy single @8.5,done.  DL up to 455 then some light deficits (new plan) The previous week I pulled my glute and erector.

On the up side I was on Powerliftingwatch 2 times and one was for my most recent squat and the other was from when I did 400×2 on bench. Very excited about that. Brings lots of attention to BRICKHOUSE AND IRON AUTHORITY.

Getting to the meat and potatoes


I couldn’t stop thinking about what I needed to set me up for the next 8 weeks and essentially for the ARNOLD. I needed 545×5 which is a 10lbs rep PR in order for me to even have a shot in hell at even coming close to my goals for the Arnold.

  1. 475×5@7 **WHAT!
  2. 520X5@8 ** already a RPE PR!
  3. 545×5@9 maybe 8.5!!!! HUGE PR! looked much higher than they were. between the shorts and the angle it was horrible for telling depth but I was more concerned with the learning to the right I have been doing lately because my old quad injury was bothering me. I know 3 were at parallel and 2 were good. Better safe than sorry. Either way I had lot of strength to do all 5 reps all the way down but like I said between the quad and lower back and glute strain I would much rather have cut them a little high to be safe.

Assistance work Blah blah blah no one cares. 4 hrs later Im drinking my 50+oz shake and trying not to cry cause my legs feel like NAPALM!


  1. 315X5
  2. 350X5
  3. 370X5 *** a few things were against me this day. My legs were so bad from squatting Saturday I couldn’t even bend my legs (no exaggeration),lost my arch on the 4th rep cause I slipped up the bench, then the bar drifted towards my feet on the 5th and had to be patient and let it drift back then somehow finish it. WOW! That’s alot going wrong but still got it for a 10lbs pr.

After this I had nothing left. that grind took it out of me. I finished the workout but it wasn’t anything to speak of lol.


  1. 405X1 WOW, Really fast. Much faster than expected.
  2. 455×1 Even faster! That’s backwards lol.
  3. 495X1@8 RPE PR. The Deficits are working much better and much faster than expected. Taking it slow with DL. I can’t get hurt. The other guys are too good for me to leave a single pound on the platform. I have to dominate in the Sub total and then stick to my plan. These guys win with their 2nd attempts so I need a perfect day to say the least to get top 5 let alone top 3. This is the craziest level of competition Ive seen in one meet. Nationals was loaded with super strong guys. The Arnold will have 3 people that have been to worlds that I know of and a few guys that squat in the 6s and DL in the 7s. this will be my biggest challenge to date. I WILL NOT FALL UNDER THE PRESSURE! I WILL DO WHAT I DO BEST! I WILL RISE WITH MORE WEIGHT THAN EVER BEFORE AND SHOW EVERYONE AND MYSELF THAT I BELONG THERE!

If there is anyone that would like to help me get to the Arnold with a donation I would greatly appreciate it. You can contact me through the BRICKHOUSE VIKING on the right. Thanks for reading


Jack DiBenedetto- CPT,CSCS



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