Arnold Training Update

Arnold Training Update

Feb 2, 2014

I know its been a while since I have posted my training for the Arnold. I have been sticking with the bench chart and power building for a little while now and seeing some results. Lately its just been hard getting motivated for the Arnold. I am hoping going into my new intensity cycle will light a fire under my ass.

Day 1- Bench Chart

I have been progressing through this very well. I have completed all of the charts sets up for me in the past few weeks. If you are not familiar with a chart it is a pyramid of increasing weights while decreasing reps, followed by a couple sets of failure. This past week I hit my 370 chart pretty well. 295×6, 315×4, 350×2, 330×3, 295×6, 350×1, 315 x failure; 5. 275xf; 8. 225xf;10. 185xf;12.

I followed this with incline dumbbell press of 85 for 4 sets of 8. Dumbbell flies of 50 pounds for 4 sets of 8. And finished with some upper abs work.

Day 2-Squat/Legs

8 total working sets of 3 reps. 425,425,425,435,435,445,445,455.

I was pretty cashed out after this so hit some leg press and called it.

Today I did a mixed together workout of shoulders, bi’s and tri’s. Made this my last working day.

Last week I hit deadlift hard and going to save myself going into my intensity. Deadlifts followed the same as squats, 8 working sets of 3 reps; 475,475,475,495,495,515,535,535. Each felt pretty smooth and lock out felt strong.


Ramping up my intensity.

Day 1- Reverse Band Bench: Starting with 3 reps, adding more weight. I must complete at least 1 rep to move on and add more weight. Continue adding weight until I am unable to hit a single rep. Then overload hold; jump the weight up and hold at full extension for 15 count.

Follow this with incline dumbbell press 3×5, flies 3×5, upper abs 3×10.

Day 2-Squat 2@9 week 1, 1@9 week 2. Followed by leg press 3×5, leg extension 3×5, lower abs 3×10.

Day 3- All 3×5. Military press, upright row, front raise, lateral raise, rear raise. Abs oblique’s 3×10.

Day 4- All 3×5. Barbell curl, seated curl, preacher curl, Jack extensions, pushdown, dumbbell overhead extension. Upper abs 3×10.

Day 5- Deadlift 2@9 week 1, 1@9 week 2. Followed by seated row 3×5, lat pulldown 3×5. Lower abs 3×10.

I believe this will give me the best idea of where my current strength numbers are. I hope to get a better grasp on where I am currently so I can start to formulate my plan going into the Arnold. I also hope this gives me some motivation and starts getting me pump up to go for my second Arnold Championship on Sunday.

Huge thanks to all of my sponsor; Iron Authority and Team IA, Team Brickhouse, Primo Chalk, EVLution Nutrition, and SupplementAnimals.

IA All Day!!!




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