Arnold Wrap Up

Arnold Wrap Up

Mar 12, 2014

Its been a while since my last post so I wanted to bring it back with a wrap up of the Arnold competition. I competed on Sunday in the Ohio Classic push pull. Going into the competition I knew I would have some very tough competition and I would need to give it my all.

Lets break down each lift and how I placed where I did.

I started with an easy bench opener of 352 and the weight went up fast. I felt good so I went for a new pr on my second attempt of 374 and again the weight went up smooth. Now my main competition at this point was already well over 400 so I new I would have to at least try and go big. I went for 391 and just barely missed the lock out. Watching the video the bar came off my chest very fast and I got out of the groove. It floated over my face and I was not able to lock it out.

The deadlift was where I knew I could make up ground against my competition. I hit an smooth 572. I went conservative on my second attempt with 594 because I wanted to make sure I had a lot left in the tank for my last attempt. I went for 638 and again just barely missed the lock out. Even with this I had secured second place.

Looking back maybe I should have went for more conservative third attempts and tried to hit something I have done before. But then I think that if I just continue to hit numbers in competitions that I have done before what is the point. If I am not pushing myself for something greater on the platform then I need to hang my singlet up and stop competing all together. Yes the argument can be made that at times it best to go for a perfect day and hit all of your attempts. Don’t get me wrong I believe there is a time and place for that. But I also believe that sometime you just have to rip some shit up and go for something that you want to accomplish. To paraphrase and change a quote to fit me better, you will miss every attempt that you never try. You will never reach your potential if you do not put yourself out there and go for it.



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