Arnold Classic TITAN Pro Bench Press Championships!

Arnold Classic TITAN Pro Bench Press Championships!

Mar 5, 2012

The Arnold Classic TITAN Pro Bench Press Championships was a blast!  I ended the day with a new personal best, met a lot of really nice people, and tore it up with the best bench pressers on the planet!  Overall, it was a HUGE success.

I competed on Sunday March 4 at 11am.

The warmups felt really good!  I liked the new approach to warmups that I’ve taken lately.  Lower reps, more sets, and lighter weights. Here is how they went:

BAR x10
BAR x10
135 x8
135 x6
225 x4
225 x3
315 x3
405 x3
475 x3
550 x1
600 x1 – to a 1 board

1)  290k / 639 lbs (2 whites 1 red)
2)  300k / 661 lbs  (2 reds 1 white)
3)  310k / 683 lbs (3 white lights)

My opening weight was 290k or 639 lbs.  I absolutely SMOKED it.

Feeling good, I decided to go to 300k or 661 lbs to put me a little higher in the placings.  I had a little bit of trouble transitioning off the chest to lockout, so the weight hitched on the way to lockout.  I did complete the lift, but the judges turned it down (no lift).  Two red lights, one white.

At this point I thought that I should go for a bigger lift.  To stay in the game, place, and earn a higher world ranking, I needed 310k or 683lbs.  So, thats what I had my coach Scott Baquet call for on my third attempt.  683 felt better than my opener and placed me in 2nd/silver medal.  The last two lifters to bench both made their lifts.  First place bench pressed 694lbs, only 11lbs more than me.  So you can see that this was a very tight competition.  After the competition, the head judge approached me and said that it looked like I could have pressed 320k or 705 lbs.    I told him that I probably could have gone heavier, but for the sake of being consistent and not missing any lifts, I opted to go for a respectable personal best and place higher than I had before.

I have absolutely no regrets in how I competed or trained for this competition.  It was definitely a good day for me, and I am glad that I was able to hold my own with the best bench pressers in the world.  I see some much bigger lifts in my future!

Big thanks to Titan Support Systems, 4Life, Underwood Chiropractic (ART), Scott Baquet, Beth, family, and my coaches and teammates from the Belleville Weightlifting Club.  It makes my lifting much easier when there are people behind me that support and encourage me with positivity.  You were there on that platform with me.






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