At the end of the day..

At the end of the day..

Mar 17, 2014

“Don’t get too muscular!”

“Don’t get manly.”

“You aren’t going to get big and bulky, are you?”

No matter what you do – someone will be disgusted, annoyed, or critical.  No matter how you look – someone will prefer something different.  You will be too muscular, too skinny, too big, too small, too lean, or too soft.  Every where you turn, someone will have something negative to say.

Here’s how to overcome it.

First, start by surrounding yourself with people who support you no matter what.  A good place to start is best friends, family, husbands, wives, people at your gym maybe..  But find those people who will stand beside you at all times!  I wasn’t the best person during my first prep – I was a total bitch thanks to the low fat/low carb diet – but did my friends, family, or Glenn EVER let on to the fact that they weren’t behind me 100%.  Not for a minute.

Second, know that your goals are nobody’s business but your own, and that includes the aforementioned group.  They will be behind you no matter what (or they’re supposed to) so they will be ok with whatever your goals may be.  BUT – if you want more muscle, go get more muscle.  If you want to be thinner, be thinner.  If you want to compete, compete!  If you want to get into health and fitness purely to be a better you, go for it!  Ultimately, it’s up to you and nobody’s damn business.

Third, going along with my second point – LOVE YOURSELF.  At the end of the day, you will always support your goals.  What better place to start for “approval” than from within?  For me, I feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose by competing.  I feel like it is the best way I can glorify God – by getting my body to healthiest point it can get to and then showcasing what He has made and what he has made possible!  When you look in the mirror, think positive thoughts and show yourself some love!  You only have one body, and it is your right to do with it what you want, but for goodness sake – love it.  Whether your fat, skinny, muscular, scrawny – love your current self.  This doesn’t mean be stagnant and unchanging, it means be accepting of where you are right in this minute.. and then.. when you start seeing progress in whatever direction you choose – love yourself then too!  The power of positive thought is amazing and if you start to love your body – it will love you back.  (I conciously made the decision to love myself and quit obsessing about my weight/body fat % and guess what? I dropped 3% body fat!!)

So.. with all of that.. here’s my challenge for you this week.  It’s a 2 step process, so bear with me.

Stand in front of the mirror – butt ass naked – and think ONLY positive things.  This is probably going to be hard on day 1.. but keep working at it.  Then after you say/think only positive things, start believing them!  You are beautiful, you are strong, you are progressing.  Keep this up.. and then report back to me what you’ve seen change, both physically and mentally.




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