Finally getting back

Some of you may know that I injured my groin and hip/quad  and back before the Arnold from all of the damn snow we had in NJ back to back. Long story short, I slipped on ice and really pulled my groin. If you have pulled a groin you know the crazy pain when you squat. The pain is still there in my groin, hip and back but is getting better slowly each week. I...

2014 Arnold Pro Raw Challenge

2014 Arnold Pro Raw Challenge

Mar 4, 2014

I guess I’ll start this off with how the past few months leading up to this went. 99% of you don’t know this but in Dec my mother broke her hip. This was/is a devastating thing to happen to anyone. 3 days later my dog  Duke died. At this point I had no drive at all to move or eat let alone train for a big meet like the Arnold.  I spent hrs on end at...

Some More Arnold Training

So Training has been not exactly how I wanted it to go for the Arnold as of lately. Lots of stress on the body that is really screwing me up. The nerves in my arms and back are acting up because of it. I will do my best to perform but don’t know what I will be able to do come meet day if this keeps up. Pretty bummed out. SQUAT 1) 535×3 2)565×3...

Arnold Training week 1 and some inspirational words

Ok so I’ve been away for awhile. As of lately  I have been just working and doing what needed to be done. Now that things seem to be going a little smoother  with life in general, I can get back to trying to get stronger. I worked up to a x5 squat @9 on Saturday and cut it there. Just not feeling good yet. All the normal assistance work that I normally do...



Nov 21, 2013

  As most of you know I hate to do long posts.  1) because I can’t type fast. 2) Because I don’t feel I should have you read a bunch of crap that puts you to sleep before you get to the answer you’re looking for. So lets get started. Lately I have been getting lots of questions from athletes on facebook and in person about bench problems,...

Arnold Training cycle 1, week 2 and 3

So I had the the drive and motivation on the beginning of week 2 but my nutrition was off really bad and it showed in my lifts. No excuses. All my fault. SQUAT 525X2 555X2@10 BOOOOO!!! YOU SUCK! I hate crappy days. I shouldn’t let it bother me but it does and everyone around me knows it. I am pissed for the next week or until I can destroy a weight with...

Arnold Training Cycle 1 WK 1

Arnold Training Cycle 1 WK 1

Nov 6, 2013

Ok so it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. I have been busy trying to get more clients, fixing my training, looking for places to do my shirts for the best price ( going to have them within 2 weeks). Overall training leading up to this first week has  been horrible for squat and DL. I couldn’t move weights I would normally be able to...

DUUUHHHHH! Why didn’t I think of this sooner.

So this week I was Deadlifting and my back decided to tweak out on me. I had 545 half way up and I felt that pain we have all felt before. I immediately dropped it and started to stretch. It wasn’t that bad, just didn’t want to lift on it after that. I was hoping for 570x 3 on squat a few days later but my back said ” Go F^&K...

Starting to feel stronger!

9/28/13 SQUAT 455X5 495X5 535X5 *put that in your pipe and smoke it! PIN 12 SQUATS 455X5 495X5 535X5 * All done with loose belt LEG PRESS 670X10 800X10 870X10 LEG EXT 200X10 290X10 325X10 325X10 200X15 GHR BWX10 45X10 70X10 70X10 BWX10 CABLE ABS 90X10 180X10 270X10 360X10 360X10 360X10 270X10 9/30/13 BENCH 315X5 345X5 365X5  ** 2 SEC PAUSE ON LAST REP PIN 11...

Bench is flying like a seagull on Meth!

DAY 1 SQUAT 495X1 535X1 565X1 585X1 Tied Gym PR RVB 590×2 605×2 * After squats I did my normal assistance work. I did not want to lift past the 495 this day but I kept thinking about the Arnold. I have 5 months to build a huge total and if that’s what I have to do then so be it. DAY 2 BENCH 365×1 400×1 415×1 stupid fast. RPE PR...

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