Back at Day One

Back at Day One

Jun 22, 2013

I’m back in the gym and training for Bench Nationals in September. So far everything is going really well. Right now I’ve just been doing some higher rep workouts to work on some conditioning. I also put on a few old F6’s to see what kind of alterations I needed to make. I decided to go back to an F6 for now, since that’s where I had the most success and felt most comfortable. I may play in a Katana again in the future, but for now I need to go back to what I know.
The biggest change in my training since worlds is my newest training partner….my husband! Yes, everyone that has been asking Ryan since we started dating, when he was going to start training, you don’t need to ask anymore! It’s happened! We are about three weeks in to him training and it’s been a interesting experience for us both. A little background on my husband, he’s no stranger to the gym. He’s always worked out, just never really like a powerlifter. He started swimming as a kid swam all through high school, and 4 years of college for a NCAA college swim team. He enjoys running…a lot, and high intensity cardio workouts. Doesn’t sound like a lot of powerlifters you know right? So I was a little surprised when he told me he wanted to start training and hopefully compete. I had mixed feelings about him starting to lift with me. I was excited that he wanted to train with me and share this passion with me. But nervous that he wouldn’t get the same satisfaction that I get, or that it would put a strain on our relationship. So far it’s been an eye opening experience for me. I think training him is actually going to help me become a better lifter, and maybe even a better wife!
Ryan wants to do all 3 lifts, not just bench only. So it’s requiring a little more of a time commitment from me. But we are adjusting and getting into a rhythm. We’ve spent the first few weeks working on form. Much to my surprise, he had some really great squat form from the start! He was a natural! Deadlift was pretty good too. He really impressed me with those two lifts! His bench press however, is the one that needs the most work. You can imagine how difficult that is for me! My favorite/best lift, is probably his least favorite and the one requiring the most work. But the beauty in that is, working so hard with him on his bench form, has given me an opportunity to go back to the basics. I think everyone can benefit from going back to day one. Once you have done something for so long, you can really get into a routine and start just going through the motions without really thinking about why you do it. Well, Ryan has definitely stopped me from doing things just because I have always done them that way. Training with my husband is sometimes like hanging out with a two year old. He’s CONSTANTLY asking “Why? Why do you do it that way? Why can’t you do it this way? What about this? Etc. I coached high school powerlifting for 2 years and those kids didn’t really ask a lot of questions. They didn’t know enough to ask. They just did what you told them to because you told them to. So having Ryan asks all these questions drove me a little crazy at first. But I realize that he’s asking not because he’s challenging me, but because he truly wants to know and learn. I don’t always have the answer. In fact I really like saying, “Just because that’s the way my Dad and I have always done it!” haha But his questions really make me step back and think about why we do things a certain way. It’s been a great opportunity to grow as a lifter and hopefully better myself. It’s also a daily lesson in patience.
So far in the first three weeks I’m really proud of my husband and the gains he’s made. It’s so fun to watch someone start lifting, and see the improvements they make from day to day! It’s rewarding for both of us, and definitely fires me up in my own lifting. Watching his improvements makes me want to make even greater improvements myself. I love having him in the gym with me and sharing this amazing sport with him. I’m looking forward to seeing where Ryan’s training takes him. I have high hopes for him and can’t wait for him to do his first meet! For now we will keep training hard, learning from each other, and having fun. We will continue to grow together as training partners and as husband/wife. The best is yet to come…



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