Back at the Bench and Jason Coker

Back at the Bench and Jason Coker

Jan 16, 2014

Finally!  Back at it with the Overkill shirt!  Training/Coaching at Team Stone, Bench training at Overkill, and accessory stuff at XSport over the past week.

Did some crazy stuff with weather and health issues this past 4-5 weeks.  In this case, reverse band to about 600lbs at XSport with heavy back last Saturday (see my last post) followed by getting back into the Overkill shirt at ‘The Power Pit’ with the Overkill Power Team Monday night.  A step back on Wednesday evening with light back and shrugs while assisting Jason Coker during his visit to Overkill with assistance by Joe Atef, Barzeen Vaziri and James Chandler.

My bench night:

Warm-up 2x50x10, 140×5, 230×3, 280×1, (320×2 Super Ram), Overkill shirt – 410×1 (3bd) and 3x460x1 (2bd) – hovered a bit high, but still getting used to the shirt after a small weight gain.

Wednesday Night – Video below: 950 to a 2bd followed by two attempts at 870 to a 1bd

Well – some of us have to have a little fun 🙂



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