BACK Friday

BACK Friday

Nov 23, 2012

Hey there! Hope everyone had an absolutely amazing Thanksgiving holiday, and you were able to spend it with great friends and family, and pounded some serious calories in the process. Today marks the infamous “Black Friday”, where there were people camping outside of stores this entire week in order to save a few bucks this holiday season. I don’t know about you, but I am trying to quit! I would much rather spend some productive time making progress towards bigger and better lifting.

For the overwhelming majority of my lifting career thus far, I neglected back. It was not until recently, late spring/early summer that I have been training back with a real purpose. This has really allowed me to see the importance of training back. It is used in some shape or form in all three of the lifts and is the difference between good lifters and great lifters. It allows you for much more upright deadlifts and squats, and gives you a bigger base and better explosion out of the hole for the bench press.

My back has gotten so much stronger, and I am starting to reap the benefits. I realize the importance of a big and strong back in this sport and have been really breaking down entire training sessions devoted to strengthening all of the parts of the back. I have always believed that the BEST lifters are the ones that work their weaknesses. It is easy to skip the things you hate doing, or that you are not very good at, and spend your time working what you excel in. Where you will make the most progress in your lifting, is by focusing training on your areas that need the most improvement. For me, it is my back. It has always been week and always held me back, but that has been changing and will continue to change, because I realize that is the limiting factor in maximizing my totals. Lucky for me, my roommate Ian Bell knows a thing or two about having a strong back, and has given me a lot of different exercises and motivation to put in the work I need to to improve. Ian and his father have been really helpful and integral in my back training. Here is a sample of what I may do on a back day:

Lat Pull Downs: 4×6-8

Chest Supported rows: 4×6-8

Dumbbell Rows: 5×5-6

Lat Pullovers: 4xFailure

Heavy Shrugs or Heavy Upright Rows: 4×4-6

1 Leg Hypers: 4×6


I can assure the lines to get into the gym are not like that of a Walmart or Best Buy, so get in there and try this back routine out and see what you think. Also, since I am still working on getting my back even stronger, I would really appreciate feedback on this routine, or maybe hear from some of you on what you do to get a big back. Happy BACK Friday my friends, and as always, train to dominate and happy heavy lifting!




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