Back in the Gym and Monster Garage Gym Visit

Back in the Gym and Monster Garage Gym Visit

Jul 13, 2013


Friday was the first day back in the gym for yours truly. Joe Atef and I dropped back into the Friday bench session at Team Stone to help out and also run some video. Eric and Jackie Stone were finishing their openers for the July 20, 2013,CanAm WPC/AWPC Benchpress Championships. It was a great feeling finally getting back in touch with friends and the gym, even though I still have 2 to 3 weeks before I can move any weight.

The WPC/AWPC CanAm Benchpress Championships will be live all day starting at 9 AM EST on July 20, 2013, on including live chat and live scoreboard, with the complete meet posted the following week.

Snapshot - 54[Renee Dean]

Following training at Team Stone, Joe and I met up with Renee Dean who traveled up from central Illinois to train at Monster Garage Gym on Saturday in preparation for the AWPC World Championships at the end of August. As a relatively new powerlifter, Renee completed the AAPF Nationals this year with multiple raw World Records. Renee Dean does myofascial therapy, sports massage, relaxation massage and similar as a business in central Illinois. She graduated from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She can be contacted by phone at 217–801–0031.

Snapshot - 46

What would be complete with a training session at Monster Garage Gym? Why, a session with the Man of Steel (Iron)!

I spent the morning at Eric and Dawn Marosher’s gym – the famous Monster Garage Gym at 83 Ambrogio, Gurnee, Illinois ( Saturday is primarily squat day. There was a large group of lifters who also included other AWPC Team USA competitors such as Benson Nails, Renee Dean, and Nick Straus, an up-and-coming impressive teen lifter.

Snapshot - 48[Eric Marosher]

Snapshot - 52[Dawn Marosher]

The gym is fully equipped for powerlifting training and there was nothing wimpy about the weights moving on Saturday! They have multiple shifts across most of the week and are open to visiting powerlifters. However it is recommended that you contact them first. There was a great level of adrenaline, support and discussion throughout the morning. We all picked up and shared many new ideas. A great gym and great people – I plan on visiting following recovery to fully participate in a training session!

Snapshot - 49 Snapshot - 50

[Above – yours truly at the controls – It’s ok, everyone survived!  And yes, that is a pink Berserker Radio shirt!]

Top-of-the-line equipment, including the heavy duty EliteFTS leg press, great spotter support and safety equipment set up. If you are in the Chicagoland area look them up! Their team competes across multiple federations and normally has a presence at most meets in Illinois and the Midwest.

Snapshot - 56 Snapshot - 55

[Nick Straus (top) and Benson Nails (bottom)]

Visit Video:


Snapshot - 53 Snapshot - 51


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