Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle

Jun 30, 2013

This week has been an interesting on.  Tuesday’s training was a little rocky.  I have been having a pain in my right shoulder for quite some time now and it is almost unbearable when I bench press raw.  Some of you know that my best raw bench press set of all time is 415 x12 reps.  This week it took just about everything to fight through 385 x10 due to the pain.  Forcing me to lift at a slower pace and fight the urge of quitting through the set.  Dumb on my part.  A lot of this is due to wearing a size 54 katana last week and pressing 670 in it, then going on to do more and more heavy sets.  This put a lot of wear and tear on the shoulders.

Close Grip Bench Press
405 x5 @7.5

Wide Grip Bench Press
385 x10 @9-9.5 (not happy, but extremely painful)

Military Press
60s x3x15


Shoulder Mobility Drills

This training session scared me quite a bit.  The pain was excruciating.  I decided to look up shoulder mobility, read up on bursitis, determined it likely wasn’t bursitis, got some ART, doubled up on my joint/tissue support supplements, asked some lifter friends how to deal with it, and I now feel like I am on the right track.  I have to thank Jona Leo, Mike O’Donnell, James Hunter, and Scott Underwood for helping me determine a plan to fix this thing.

Equipped Bench Press, no pain in the shirt at all!!!!
x2x1 – heavy singles around a first and second attempt
x3 – heavy triple with just under a second attempt
x3 – heavy triple with about a first attempt
x1 – heavy single with a first attempt

Bent Rows to Chest
185 x5x10, feeling better

Football Bar Presses (a little pain, but with the grip being in a neutral position it wasn’t as painful.)
185 x10, x12, x15

Chest Flyes
30s x3x12+

Abs, Shoulder Mobility, and some extra light accessory cool down work.

The pain in the shoulder isn’t nearly as bad as from tuesday.  I believe that the shirt is taking a lot of the shear force.  I made some noticeable differences this week.  I am feeling leaner, more in shape, and energetic than before due to a change in my diet and cardiovascular training.  I am eating a lot more fruit, veggies, and going on near daily 2+ mile walks.  I even went on a walk the night before going heavy and I felt like it didn’t take anything away from my lifting.  Hopefully over time this will aid in my recoverability and increase overall adaptive reserves.

For the shoulders I’ve had to make some changes to my warmup/cooldown complexes.

For the most part, daily, I’ve been doing the following for the shoulder:
Overhead Snatch Shrugs (reverse shrug) x5x10-15 (Thanks Mike O’Donnell)
Broomstick rotations / baseball bat stretch x20+
Front / Side Raises x20
5 different shoulder mobility drills with bands, doors, and bodyweight. (MobilityWOD)
Foam Rolling on the back and lats… (thanks Jona)


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