Back on the Grind

Back on the Grind

Oct 29, 2012

First post on Iron Authority! I get questions all the time on my training, so its cool to have a space to share it. Well, for the past 5 weeks I had been training without a belt on squat and deadlift. Its week 4 of my progression cycle, I’m starting to touch some real weight, so I thought I throw a belt on and see what happened. My workout called for 80% on squat for 4×4 to start. I felt good after 4 sets, so I decided to bump it up to 500, and finish off squat with a triple. Then it was on to conventional light deadlift (65%) for 4×5. I like to work conventional on my light day to use the muscles I usually don’t in my sumo. Finished that off with 475×5. Next it was on to some leg work with Bulgarian split squats, squat jumps, and leg curls. Did a little back work with one-legged hypers, and finished the workout off with abs, calves, and some pull-ups. Legs felt like straight jello, walking out the gym which put a smile on my face. I’m back on the grind, and taking no days off!


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  1. Steve Goggins /

    Looking good!!

  2. Steve Goggins /

    Sound good!

  3. Wow the Ian Bell? Incredible! I am going to follow your blog closely!

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