Back to the Future – The Change to Equipped for AAPF Illinois State Meet

Back to the Future – The Change to Equipped for AAPF Illinois State Meet

Nov 26, 2012

Ahhhh…. Welcome to the Dark Side – Equipped Lifting!

OK, I have a good multiply bench shirt that had been used and jacked up (re-enforced plus front apron for setup), a Viking Bench shirt. I do have to fold the arms in as I am still working on increasing arm size (the former owner has massive arms next to my measly 18inches) and tricep strength. Shoulders and chest are a little loose – good to learn in.

It took a while, but I found a good multi-ply Viking brief – that is until I dropped weight this month. So, it’s a little loose, but good to learn in, as well.

I am still playing with the size on my Metal Pro Squatter multi-ply. The present one is very, very tight in the hips, so I am still working on getting it past my hips without briefs. Will decide this Wednesday if I need to go up in size.

I’m truly enjoying equipped training. For those who have not experienced equipped yet – yeah, I’ve heard the arguments. Somehow equipment is ‘cheating’ – and I thought so too, until I put on equipment the first time. Ouch! The bruises! The skill required! Of course there is the benefit of moving more weight – but a first timer would have difficulty hitting a great weight without experience.

My goal for 2013 is to qualify for the AWPC Worlds, which will be in the USA. My first meet will be March 24/25, 2013 – APF/AAPF Illinois State Meet for fully equipped. I then plan on competing in the AAPF Nationals and AWPC Worlds (assuming I qualify) with one other competition as I am limiting myself to four in 2013 vs the eight I did in 2012. Plans for late 2013 may be to compete in a different federation and mix federations in 2014. Depending on my travel schedule, I may also get in an overseas meet by 2014.

In the meantime, I am starting (helped in a few so far) to work behind the scenes in some upcoming meets. Always good to learn all sides of the game!

The Past Week’s Training:

11/21/12: Equipped (multiply brief) Deadlifts: (Raw warmup) – 2x135x8, 225×5, 275×5, (briefs) – 315×3, 365×3, 405×2. Followed by banded standing crunches. Wednesdays are deadlift only to learn equipped unless I have to miss a Monday/Tuesday (I am using as ‘sacrificial days’ for work purposes), then I will step up Wednesdays.

11/23/12: Equipped (Multiply Viking) Bench: (Raw warmup) – 100×8, 140×8, 235×5, (Equipped) – 325×4(3bd), 375×3(2bd), 415×2(2bd), 415×1(1bd), 2x415x1 (touch – first one shirt was set too tight and I bottomed out at about ½ board; 2nd one good and easy!), 460×2(3bd) starting to work up the weight. Face Pulls: 2 sets of 20 to failure; DB Curls 2 sets 20 to failure; OH Triceps 2 sets 20 to failure; and banded crunches.

11/24/12: Squat w/Monolift and Briefs: (Raw warmup) – 2x155x8 warmup, 245×5 (Briefs) – 335×3, 425×2 (light night); 3×8 GHR; Hip work with bands. Now we get HEAVY!

11/26/12: Speed squats below parallel (12 inch box) raw – warmup with monster bands to 315 lbs then 10 sets of 2 with 30-60 seconds in between (was training a future powerlifter); Incline leg press – 500lbsx10, 800×10, 3 sets of 12 at 1150lbs w/1-3 minute rests and knees to chest; Good Mornings 135×12, 3x225x10; inside and outside side kicks – 3 sets of 15 at 40lbs cable.


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