Back to the Grind

Back to the Grind

May 2, 2014

What up Berzerkers!! I know its’ been a while since my last post but have been a little busy lately. ┬áMy wife and I recently had our first child so my time has been spend with my new family.

But I have been slowly getting back under the weight and it feels good. Even better because I do not feel like I have lost any strength in these past couple weeks. I honestly feel better then ever.

With the new changes in my life I needed to revamp my training to better fit my schedule and new life style. After looking over all of my training records since I first started power lifting; and if you are not keeping a training log you are doing yourself a dis-justice. Without a training log you are not able to keep track of what works and why something helped you improve. So after seeing when I made the most overall gains in the training for the past couple years I found a couple items that worked well for me. I am going back to hit each of the big three lifts in every training session; at least in some fashion. And on my main lift of the day I work up to a heavy single @9, drop the weight 80% and hit triples increasing the weight until I hit a triple @9. The remaining exercises are 4 reps @9. And I finish each day with some mobility.

Here are my numbers after finishing my first week

Day 1-

Squat- 445, 465, 485(could have hit more but I was at work and that’s all the weight at the station).: 385, 405, 425.

Sumo dead lift- 325, 385, 425

Band Bench- 225, 245, 265 with 60 pounds of band tension.

Push Press- 155, 175


Day 2-

Bench- 335, 345, 355: 285, 305, 325

Rack pulls- 465 ,485, 515

Pause squats- 225, 295, 315

Triceps push downs- 100, 150


Day 3-

Deadlift- 495, 545, 595: 475, 495

Front squats- 225, 245, 275

3 board press- 335, 355, 375

Biceps curl- 110, 120, 130


Day 4-

Strongman day

Tractor tire flipping, tire farmer carry, and atlas stone work.

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IA all day!!


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