Back Under the Bar #RoadToRecovery

Back Under the Bar #RoadToRecovery

Apr 29, 2014


It has been almost exactly 11 months since the injury on June 4, 2013, which ruptured my left patellar tendon and crushed the left thumb.  The healing process has been long and challenging with my hard-headed opinion that I did not want to do a second surgery on the knee.

At 10 months I was verbally cleared to start moving a small amount of weight because the tendon stopped stretching like taffy.  It is now 1 inch longer than the right – I suppose this means that I will have less problem with depth on the left?  The concern, of course, relates to mechanics.  Will I be strong enough to not only meet my past best competition weight (picture above), let alone the PR I accomplished when the injury occurred, but move beyond?

This past week I started box squats with about 55lbs (above parallel).  Yes, not a lot.  However, the goal was to start training the quads to fire at the same time again.  For whatever reason, the injured leg fires faster than the uninjured leg in an effort to straighten as quickly as possible.  This, of course, increases the potential for injury using weight.  However, weight may be what is needed to fire both!

I am about 3-4 months behind where I was hoping to be in recovery.  Going downstairs is still a challenge, but I am increasingly confident that I won’t pitch headlong down when I am attempting.  I do still hold the handrail as lightly as possible.  Exercises that use the foot as a fulcrum are also important, such as leg press, in order to keep strain off the injury.  The effort is enough weight to stress the quads while not enough to aggravate too much swelling.  Irritation of the injury will still weaken it a bit.

The more I am doing – carefully – the stronger the leg and joint.  In fact, I am now doing things that I couldn’t do a few weeks ago without knee sleeves already.  I figure a big part of the recovery is between my ears, but, at the same time, I am not afraid of adding weight.



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