Back/Biceps & Chest/Triceps

Back/Biceps & Chest/Triceps

May 24, 2013

I consider myself a very humble person and I dont boast about my workouts but Wednesday and Thursday were my first workouts being 36 years old. Plus they have been some of my best workouts since injuring my shoulder in November. I decided to enter a bench only meet on June 1st to assess where I am at so I figured I would post my workouts from these past two days. Wednesday I worked heavy back and biceps, then came back Thursday with light chest and triceps. So here is what I did:

Bent Rows
Bar x 10 reps
135×10 reps
225×10 reps
315×10 reps
405×6 reps

Ronnie Coleman T-bar rows in the corner
4 45sx10 reps
5 45sx10 reps
6 45sx10 reps
7 45sx4 reps

Wide-Grip Pulldowns
170×10 reps
190×10 reps
210×10 reps
230×10 reps

Machine Preacher Curls-Smart Curl Machine
3 25sx20 reps-30 second rest
3 25sx15 reps-30 second rest
3 25sx10 reps
30 Minutes on the Treadmill

Hammer Strength Incline Press
1 35 each side x 20 reps
1 45 each side x 20 reps
1 45, 1 25 each side x 20 reps
2 45s each side x 20 reps

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
70lbsx15 reps
80lbsx15 reps
90lbsx12 reps

Flat Dumbbell Flyes
25lbsx15 reps
30lbsx15 reps
35lbsx15 reps

Pec Deck
120lbsx20 reps
140lbsx20 reps
160lbsx20 reps

Tricep Pushdowns-Didnt have weight on the machine just a number
6x 12 reps
7×12 reps
8×12 reps
9×10 reps
10×10 reps

Wide Grip Pushdowns
10×5 reps
6×12 reps
30 Minutes on the Treadmill

As of today (05/24/2013)-I’m 8 days out from the Big K championships (USAPL). One deadlift/back/hamstring & one heavy chest session left before resting for the meet.


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