Beginning of Week 3!

Beginning of Week 3!

Mar 3, 2014

Week 2 went well.  Unfortunately, I can’t share my workouts on here because it’s part of a program I paid for that was designed by Ashley Horner.  You can find the program online at (it’s the Magnify You Program) – the cost is $100 for a total meal plan and workout plan.  If you like her on Facebook, she has discount codes a lot – usually 25% off – and you can get it for cheaper that way!  Anyway, the program is awesome, I highly recommend.  I’m still sore from Friday’s workout if that gives you any indication of how awesome it is!

Going in to Week 3 – I’m having a lot of emotions.  I’m slowly but surely cracking the whip on my food.  Having my birthday Week 1 and my mother’s-in-law birthday Week 2, I think we are through a lot of the going out to eat and I can start actually limiting it to once or twice a week.  I need to get better about my food choices on the weekend too.  Either way, I’m excited with the look of my body to this point and am ready to see the leaning out process really get moving!  I know if I just stick to my meal plan and my workouts – it will happen but I’m SO impatient!  I want to see the results RIGHT NOW – even though I know that isn’t going to happen.

I’m also a little scared going in to this prep.  I’m going it alone (no coach.. yet..) and it’s a little intimidating.  If I fail – I fail alone.. BUT if I succeed – I can say that I did it.  I put in the hard work and the things I’ve learned and made it work for me.  That’s not to say I won’t eventually hire someone to help me out toward the nitty-gritty time of prep, but I want to see how far I can get.  I haven’t set a date as far as competition simply because of this fact.  I have no idea where I will be and when.  I want to give my body time to slow lose body fat and to slowly adjust to food changes.  I’m eating a lot more and have a lot more room to play this time around, and I want to have time to do that to see how my body reacts!  However, with all this excitement and time on my hands – I’m still a little nervous.  It’s really easy to stick to a meal plan you have to turn in and show a coach.  They critique it (and you) on a weekly basis which holds you accountable.  When it’s all on my own – I have to hold myself accountable – which is not the easiest of tasks.  Mental toughness is key here because it doesn’t matter how strong I am in the gym, if I am mentally weak with my diet.

So far so good.  This week should be a true test of will.  I have nothing planned until Saturday as far as eating out – so that should be my 1 cheat meal.  Other than that I should be spot on and am hoping to see some great progress this week!

My current stats are..  Weight: 121lbs..  BF: 18% ish.. (this is a guess based on the mirror, I haven’t measured it yet!).  I’ll post a progress picture SOON!!


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