Bench Blokz Review at 2XL Powerlifting

Bench Blokz Review at 2XL Powerlifting

Sep 26, 2014


^^The Bench Blokz 5, 4, 3, 2 and +1 Set

After a few sessions where we had a choice between additional spotters or someone to hold boards, it was time to evaluate another option.  Having noted that my sponsor,, advertised an item called Bench Blokz,, and knowing that Brady Stewart evaluates all advertisers, we invested in a set for Team Stone at 2XL Powerlifting (  They arrived a few days before our bench training session and only a few days after ordering through fulfillment.

The price was very reasonable.

Friday night we got the team together and gave it a try on both male/female raw and an equipped lifter (complete video at the end of the article).


^^Yours truly taking the 2-board setting for a ride.  Team Stone members Joe Atef (left), Calvin Seith (center) and Eric Stone (right).


^^Calvin Seith with Eric Stone spotting – taking the 1 board setting for a ride raw.


^^Justin Sepe (left) and Howard Penrose (spotter) with Melissa Gibson finishing with close grip with the 3-board setting

On the first attempt I had it tilted a bit too much so when it came down it forced the bar off path.  It only took the one time and everyone caught on.  We also compared the boards next to our regular boards – they were right on.

The heavy bench includes a 50lb competition bar that is a little larger in diameter than a standard bar.  We just had to push it down a little harder and it clipped right into place and held just fine.  It also went onto a standard 45lb bar which had a sharp knurl without any trouble.

A few benefits included:

  • The boards were in the same place each time instead of being tilted one way or another;
  • We were able to run both benches at the same time with a relatively small crew that evening;
  • No boards in the throat;
  • No trouble setting up;
  • Guess what – no one blocking the camera when videoing lifts – allows us to review attempts easier and, of course, better YouTube!

I am planning on using in the near future for lockout training.  I’ve been performing movements with reverse bands solo and I am looking forward to including these with the training which will free me up to also work pin presses for the bottom part of the lift instead of full range reps.  Basically, shake up the training a bit when I am working alone.

We messed around with the Bench Blokz to see how they would hold up and they were surprisingly strong.  I expect these will last a long time before we need to replace them.  We are also considering a second set for training on multiple benches.

Video of the training session with the Bench Blokz

You can find information on the Bench Blokz at their website




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