Bench log….Handling over 6

Bench log….Handling over 6

Mar 5, 2015

Well I have been quite busy but wanted to post my log of my bench workouts for my upcoming bench world meet April 18.

Training has going great. I am breaking in a new shirt and things look optimistic. My offseason raw training was at its best hitting a 405 for 3 reps. I am hoping this carries over into gear. My other upper body training is also doing well but the best elixir is NOT to over train.

Note I started using a shirt 2 workouts earlier then norm to develop a comfort level since it is a new shirt.

This is the video for my most recent workout.

My chart below shows the 4 workouts. My warmups are all the same till I get to the one board raw set.

155 2sets———————————————————————–à

245 2sets———————————————————————–à

335 3 reps———————————————————————à

355 3 reps———————————————————365 2reps—————375 2 reps

385 1rep 1bd———-405 1bd———-420 2bd————-430 2bd

Feb 4 Feb12 Feb23 March 5
1st set 3 board 480-3 505-2 505-2 525-2
2nd set 500-3(3bd) 530-1 (3bd) 545-2(2bd) 575-2(2bd)
3rd set 530-3(3bd) 545-2 (2bd) 580-2(2bd) 620-1(2bd)
Large RAM 410-3 405-3 415-3 425-2
445-2 455-2m 465-2m
Incline 225-5 275-3
335-5 raw bench 275-5 315-3
370-5 raw bench


I’m not going to post all my upper body sets/reps but will post the exercises and next week Ill give more details. BTW I rotate only 2 of the 3 movements on triceps per workout.

Back lat pull,pull overs, t bar rows

Shoulders behind the neck presses, front pin presses

Triceps t pushdowns, dips, rack lockouts(everyworkout), close grip presses

Biceps preacher curls(every workout),standing curls, hammer curls

Till next week…

Focus First.


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