Bench Meet Prep #RoadToRecovery

Bench Meet Prep #RoadToRecovery

Oct 6, 2013


One of the issues that seems to come along with recovery is the combined inability to do a lot of aerobic work as well as high volume work that burns calories combined with some weirdness with metabolism. The result is that I am hovering above and below my preferred weight class of 308. Of course, some chaos with diet doesn’t seem to hurt that at all.

I am trying to do the next two weeks leading up to the bench competition dropping many of the supplements that I normally use, such as Whey and creatine, to see how that effects my weight. Now that I can use some machines, such as the elliptical, I can use that to help reduce weight. As I am healing, I have no intention of playing with last minute stuff to drop my weight significantly. Therefore, I am either going to compete in 308 to up my own state bench record or go after a SHW bench record.

Tuesday: Back and leg work

Chest supported row – 135×8, 180×8, 225×8, 270×6, 315×5
DB Raises – 3x30x12
Neutral Rows – 3x120x12
Rope hammer curls – 3x90x12
Rope tricep presses – 3x140x12
Cable shoulders – 3x30x8
Crunches – 100lbs x 50, 25 reps per side

Leg Therapy Thursday: PR was to step up onto a 12 inch platform with 4lb weights on the ankles

Friday – Bench night

Bench – 140×5, 190×4, 230×3, 280×2, 320×2 super ram, 390×2 2bd equipped, 420×2 2bd, 460×1 attempt – missed touch
Face pulls – 3x100x12
Tricep pressdowns – 3x140x10

Sunday – Leg rehab

Elliptical – 10 minutes level 5
8 inch step up/down
body weight below parallel squats – 3×12
Green band ham/glutes – 3×12
100lb hip thrusts – 2×14
Body weight leg raises – 3×10
Right Fit Sled – 8 laps at walking pace


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