Bench Nationals 2 for 3 ,578lbs. The Post meet wrap up.

Bench Nationals 2 for 3 ,578lbs. The Post meet wrap up.

Aug 21, 2013

If the meet ended after the second attempt well the tone of this article would be completely different BUT ,thank God, it didn’t. I ended the meet with what was to be my second attempt if everything went accordingly. My premeet planned attempts were 551,579, and whatever was needed to place top 3 in the open. So much for that idea.

Did I have any worries for the meet, yes one. The meet started at 9am and for the last 2 years I have been competing around 2 and training around 5. Would I feel the difference? At first I thought so but then one meet stood out to rest my mind, 2013 Masters Worlds in Prague where they are 6 hours ahead which meant I was benching at 5 am our time. I hit a personal best that day ,556,and placed silver. Enough said.

I weighed in at 203 and warm-ups were great, no worries. I thought everything was fine on my first attempt ,it felt light on the handoff. I did feel a counterspin initially. Came down different. I did notice not normally where I touch and elbows were out from my body a little. Blasted up but lost the groove, slowed down and eventually locked it. I noticed my butt was starting to come up (did get a red).What did that mean? It meant the weight felt heavy at the stall and leg drive was necessary .Uh oh not good. You can see when I get up my body language was disappointed and probably worried. I do remember thinking when it stalled “Oh *## what the hell?”. Brady Stewart(IronAuthority boss) suggested 563 which is fine because 551 did not fly like I expected.

Second attempt, went out there made a slight adjustment. Handoff had no counterspin,came down fine, blew up but couldn’t lock it at the top!! WHAT THE F*#*? Now I am totally shot mentally because never saw this coming. We stuck with 563 for a third.

Withing a minute of sitting down I thought about my third and what was going on. Befuddled. Did 585 ( gym ,without a pause) but missed 563?!? Huh? I have never change shirts in a meet. I have never put a shirt on and on the first set do a full rep, let alone a full rep with a pause. Guess what I did? Changed into the shirt on I used in Prague. PLUS I upped the weight!! Why? My thinking was I would feel better missing 578 (would be a personal best) then get 563. I would have to do 589 to have a chance at third(currently 4th) ,this day thought it was a real long shot. Getting 563 would do nothing for me mentally or in placing.

At that moment I told Brady to change the weight and we threw the shirt on. My mindset went from disappointed to embarrassed and pissed. I am better then what was on display. I had one last chance to show this. I was a little concerned about the changed I made but had in faith in my ability to deal with adversity.

The handoff was great, weight light, and never once did I think I was going to miss it!! I even believe it looked easier then 551. My butt leaving the bench never was a worry because I used less leg drive because it felt lighter in my head. When I racked it I couldn’t find lights quick enough. 3 whites. What a way to end the meet!!!! A personal best after 2 attempts that did more damaged to my psyche then help it. Placed 4th in open, (this is where I belonged this day) and 1st in Masters (only guy). Now on Masters World team next year in England!

I want to thank again Lori Davidson, Brady Stewart, Cici Smith, Mike Cuipinski, and Jose Perez for all their physical help and mental support through the 1st 2 attempts.

Also thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme, and RockTape.

Focus First.


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