Bench Press Positivity

Bench Press Positivity

Apr 15, 2013

What a great training session.  Saw Tim Thomas in the gym!  It has been a while.  Tim and I go way back to 2003.  Been training partners for a long time.  It was great to have him in.  Tim is always positive and motivating.  He also has a mustache that rivals Tom Sellick’s.  For the most part it was a really good day.

I HATE FEELING TIRED.  So, when people ask me how I feel, instead of saying i’m tired, I say that I feel rested.  And for the most part I do feel rested.  My competition wants me to feel tired, beat, weak, etc.  So I am doing everything in my power to feel uplifted, spirited, strong, positive, etc.  Today’s training reflected that very well.

EQ Bench Press
5 singles at or over 700

On some of those sets I felt like I could have done another rep.  That is scary.  I think that I am going to go very heavy next week.  Then I got a week out of the shirt to recover the CNS.

Lat Pulldowns
220 x4x12

Super Close Grip Bench Press
135 x2x20+

35s x12
50s x12

Overall, this was one of my strongest training sessions in my competitive career.  Let’s hope that the progress train keeps rolling!


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