Bench Press Seminar O’Fallon, MO

Bench Press Seminar O’Fallon, MO

Jun 9, 2012

Hello Everyone! I’ll be giving a bench pressing seminar at POWERBODY GYM in O’Fallon, Missouri on June 30th starting at 10am.I will be giving a lecture on bench pressing, how to improve the bench press, your individual considerations (because we are all so different), logic behind training, programming, stress regulation, training mentality, and continual progress.

After the lecture, we will go to a more practical setting and share some of my bench press secrets in regards to setting up, positioning, phases of the press, and what I like to call ‘domination training’. We will go over the RAW and EQUIPPED side of benching as well. (I’ll even let you in on my SHIRT secrets and how I nearly benched 717 @264 in the USAPL) 

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ll even go over my Crazy @8’s bench press program. Guaranteed to help you master the bench press.

Please plan on at least a few hours for this seminar. I’ll make a promise. I won’t leave until everyone’s questions and concerns are answered.

The cost per person for this seminar will not cost you any more than $30. 

If intersted in a seat for the seminar, please email:
Chuck Trosper — 

Powerbody Gym 
403 Sonderen St 
O Fallon, MO 63366 

More about Brady and Iron Authority…

If you want to come to this seminar, but can’t…I also offer E-Coaching at $25 an hour. See here for details…


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  1. Putt Houston /


    I took off work next Saturday and Im encouraging every lifter at our gym to show up. Should be a really good turnout. I’ll be there to help you and assist you in any way possible. Let me know if you absolutely need anything. I might even make some hamburgers and hot dogs for afterwards. You never know…

    Putt Houston

    • Putt, that is awesome. I am getting pretty geeked about coming out there. I like where your head is at about the food! The guys will be getting hungry. All I ask is you bring questions and interact. We’ll have a good time, I’ll hopefully help motivate and show you guys some things you haven’t seen before. Thanks for the help man!

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