Bench Pressing, Iron Authority, and Stuff

Bench Pressing, Iron Authority, and Stuff

Sep 8, 2012

Benched a couple of times this week.  It was pretty dang painful in the left shoulder.  I thought that taking a week and a half off would be a good time for it to heal up.  It seemed to feel worse.  AND I didn’t even go heavier than 225!  Don’t know what this means at this point, but I’ll be aggressively focusing on healing it up.  Problem is that my next competition is going to be sponsored by  4Life is my largest sponsor.  Got to make them happy.  Hopefully I’ll be able to put it all together.  If my shoulder seems to be getting worse, I may have to back out of this competition.  However, I’ll still likely go and do my sponsorship duties.  On another note, a lot of lifters from the Belleville Weightlifting Club look like they will be competing there as well.  Dana, Shaun, Lawson, Josh, and Myself.  Going to be a good time in Denver, CO.  I plan on spending another day or two in Denver.  I may even attempting to do some Rocky Mountain Hiking!

I’ve been aggressively trying to build up our merchandising stock to the point where I can sell online.  I ordered a lot of nice and premium FLEX-FIT hats, more 50/50 blend T’s, got rubber wrist bands ordered, and am looking into getting some stickers made.  I really hope that the IronSports community supports us.  I never intended to make my millions with this business.  It would just be nice to break even and inform the public with real, honest, and no-strings-attached information.

Been a busy week for me.  Lots of things that I’ve had to catch up on from being gone about half the month at competitions and suchwhat.  Got new tires put on the truck, washed and cleaned out the vehicles, oil changes, yardwork, house stuff, phonecalls, updating the website, networking, and a bunch of other stuffs.

If any of you ever have any ideas, please feel free to post in the comments.  We are always open to new things.



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