Bench workout #2 for nationals 7/3

Bench workout #2 for nationals 7/3

Jul 7, 2013

This is second workout for nationals and things didn’t go too bad. Decided to go shirt for 2 sets. Weights felt decent, too early to get hyped up. Next week however things start to get charged up. (If not I am in a little trouble). My new shirt comes in next week(Thanks Titan!!) but I wanted to get a feel with the heavy weight in my hands.

Hate reading? Try this:

Bench raw

335 5 reps

390 2 reps( freaking heavy,totally disappointed and pissed)

Shirt bench

495 3 reps 3 boards

530 3 reps 2 boards strong good control

405 raw 2 reps (felt better then the 390 earlier)


245 5 reps

275 5 reps

300 5 reps

4 more workouts left for the bench and next week start getting it in gear. With loading of all the supplements with ATP Extreme in the loop I am looking at complete recovery. Picking up RockTape should help also with any soreness  with accelerating rehab and recovery.

Focus First.



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