Benching in a Bigger Shirt.

Benching in a Bigger Shirt.

Jun 23, 2013

So Today (the day after), I feel like I got hit by a truck.  I really hit it hard and well.  We had a good crew of lifters going that day.  Shaun Bales (!), Shane Hopkins, Josh Hunt, Scott Baquet (spotted!), Jeremiah Patton, and Matthew Swanson.  It was a good time and got to know a couple of fresh faces.  I also go to use my new Red White and Blue ER Equipment Bench!

I trained in a size 54 LCC, with the arms a little tighter.  Before I ever put it on, a super heavyweight lifter trained in this shirt.  So it fit a little loose on me.  Training in this size of shirt can have its advantages.  Its easier to touch weights, more freedom of movement to setup.

But the disadvantages are equal.  Can’t get as much out of the shirt relying more on raw strength.  Which isn’t all that bad of a thing. I was quite surprised that I did so well in it considering that this shirt is much bigger than anything I ever trained in.

Next week I may put it on again.  I need to alter the right sleeve to make it a little tighter.

640 x1
670 x1

321 Board
640 x3

610 x3

610 x1

Overhead Tricep Extentions
40s x3x12

Chest Flyes
35s x3x12





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