Berserker Radio #23 :D

Berserker Radio #23 :D

Jul 20, 2013

Well, folks!  I’ve had the pleasure of listening to my introduction over the Berserker Strength Radio!  Thank you Brady and Josh for the SPECTACULAR introduction!  If you haven’t listened to it yet, you have to!  It is hilarious!! #23 – What is Hardcore?  There is a great message in it too about what it means to be “hardcore”! 😀

As “Abby Awesome”, I’d like to follow up on some of their speculations.  So Brady and Josh – be ready! 😀

First, with a name like Abby Awesome, of course I am a super hero! (Thank you, Brady, for the great nickname!!)  I run around protecting other athletes from crash diets and too much cardio!  I do this by (you were right again) spraying glitter out of my eyes either on their bland/boring food or at them while they are trying to run on a treadmill!! 😉  Hahahahaha!!

How sweet would it be if I could actually spray glitter out of my eyes?!?!  What Brady and Josh don’t know is that I have a secret obsession with glitter.  So crazy that you came up with that!  I’m not “girly” by any means, but I definitely like glitter on just about anything!!

Anyway!!!  My training this week was WEIRD!  First, I was in Kentucky Friday-Monday early morning.  I’m having some sort of tension headache at the base of my head/neck.  It doesn’t bother me all day until I lift.  Really?!  Ugh! So frustrating.  I think I’m figuring it out though.  Trying to stretch it out by slowly pulling down on my head with my chin to my chest.  Seems to help for a little while.  This morning was the first morning that it is sore when I woke up!  Sucks!!  Anyway, so my training suffered this week simply because I couldn’t lift without it tensing up and causing severe pain!  Here is what I ended up accomplishing!

7/13/13 – Saturday at 6:00a (on a “Total gym” type machine, all cable work, sucked but made it work! Was on a trip to KY and only had the hotel gym to use) – Chest and Tris: Tricep Overhead Extension 3×15, Tricep Pulldown 3×13-15, Pectoral Crossover 3×13-15, Chest Press 3×15, Cable Military Press 3×10-12, Lateral Raise 3×11-15

7/14/12 – Sunday: No workout.  In Kentucky at a music festival alllllll day!

7/15/13 – Monday: No workout. Yikes! Two days off!  But I am a HUGE advocate of listening to your body.  I was exhausted from my weekend in Kentucky and needed to rest.  I listened and sat my butt on the couch!

7/16/13 – Tuesday at 5:40p (back to my gym – yay!) – LEG and back DAY!!!:  Leg Press Wide Stance 5×30-60, [Lat Pulldown 3×30, Hammer Grip Row 3×30], Power Squat Machine 3xFailure while increasing weight, [Leg Press Narrow Stance 2xFailure, Calf Raises 2xFailure]

7/17/13 – Wednesday at 4:30p – Chest and Tris: [Cable Flyes 4×25, Tricep Pulldown 4×25], [Cable Flyes 4×25, Tricep Pulldown 4×25], Bench Press 2xFailure, [Bench Dips 2xFailure, Push Ups 2xFailure]

7/18/13 – Thursday at 4:00p – Bis and Shoulders:  I did one set of curls and one set of military press.  My headache started and neck hurt, so I stopped.  Yet again, listen to your body!! I can’t stress this enough!!

7/19/13 – Friday at 2:30p – Legs!: Leg Press 3×12-15, [Step Ups 3×15 each leg, Leg Curls 3×12], [Plie Squats 3×20, Curtsy Lunges 3×15 each leg], [Kettlebell Deadlift 3×15, Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlift 3×10 each leg], Back Extensions 2×12 with 3 second hold at top with glutes squeezed!!!

7/20/13 – Saturday at ?? – Biceps, Shoulders, and Back:  I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet.  I’ll get to my workout eventually!  I’m hoping my neck doesn’t act up, but it was sore this morning – so may be a lighter/easier lifting day.  We shall see!  I’ll share what I end up doing the next time I lift.  I plan on writing everyday and giving my workout with my weights!  I want to get a little more specific and share with you certain notes about my lifting and my diet!

Xoxo – Abby Awesome 😀


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