Berserker Strength Radio Is BACK!!!!

Berserker Strength Radio Is BACK!!!!

Mar 26, 2015


Your favorite online powerlifting podcast has FINALLY come back to you, the Berserkers! Ryan Carrillo is the new host of BSR along with Brady Stewart. Josh Hunt (everyone’s favorite ginger) will be a common co-host in the future. Please enjoy this first taste of the newest season of BSR. Download it and listen in your car, in class, or in the gym.

Berserker Strength Season 2.1 March 2015

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In this episode:

Welcome back to BSR

Information to new lifters/ transitioning to equipped

thoughts on single ply and the state of powerlifting

World Bench Team talk

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein in relation to training and life




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Please keep in mind that this is our first time recording together.  We go a little all over the place, but that’s the way we like it unscripted, relatively unedited, real, and organic.  Please post your questions, ideas, anything in the comments section of this page.

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